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TNT Auto Window Tinting offers Car Window Tinting with affordable price. High Quality Window Tint Films with All Shades Available

Why Auto Window Tinting Ottawa is a great choice?

Experienced Installers

Experienced Installers

With more than 20 years of experience in this field, we proudly serve a professional car window tinting installation.

Car's Window Door

Clean Output

The outcome of our tinting service always amazes our customers, stable color and no bubbles during the time.

High Quality Films

High Quality Products

We focus to have the best car window tinting in Ottawa and always focus to improve our services, that's why we use high quality window films.

Affordable Price

Reasonable Price

We're offering a high quality tint with an affordable price, you can ask our customer service to get a price now!

Customer Services

Friendly Customer Service

Our customer services are always ready to answer your questions and help you to find the suitable shades for you with having Ontario law in mind.

Gallery of Our Previous Work

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Car Window Tinting

Having more than 20 years experience in the tinting field is what we're proud of. We offer a wide range of shades for your tinting, you can choose what windows do you want to get tinted, from front windows and rear window or windshield , and discuss with our experienced team to understand what tinting shades is good for your car. Caring our customer needs to serve them what they are looking for is our first priority and we focus to have the best quality in Ottawa and always focus to improve our services to ensure your satisfaction. With the right tinting percentage, that can be allowed in Ontario based the officer law, you can relax and enjoy driving through the city.

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Privacy with having Ontario police law in mind, you can relax in your car.

Vehicle Wrapping By TNT Auto Window Tinting
Better Looking Car

With a high quality tint films and professional installation your car looks cool!

Vehicle Wrapping By TNT Auto Window Tinting
UV Protection

Reducing the uv rays and sun heat in your car to enjoy a cool feeling. UV Protection Films in Winter is another benefit of tinted cars.

Vehicle Wrapping By TNT Auto Window Tinting
Color Stable

Your tint films color will remain the same during the time and your auto window tint are going to stand the same.

Vehicle Wrapping By TNT Auto Window Tinting
Car Window Tinting by TNT Auto Window Tinting

About Us

We're a team of professional film installers and we're serving Ottawa as the best car window tinting shop. With more than 20 years experience, we aim to provide tinting services with a professional installation and high quality window films. If you have questions about our vinyl wrap or paint protection film you can contact our friendly customer services. Book online and based on your availablitiy, or you can call us at (613) 263 3838 or talk with us from our website. Proudly serve as a highly recommended tinting service in Ottawa.

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You can get a free quote and we will get back to you shortly with a reasoable price. Our services are Residential tinting, car window tinting and paint protection.

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